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Now available to download DKTís FreeWay firmware upgrade allows any Crestron system to control and EIB/KNX network

The FreeWay website at now has the latest freeway firmware, V.2.32

Crestron Modules

Alongside the firmware are Crestron modules which enable the FreeWay to control and respond to devices on an EIB/KNX network. This gives more flexibility to an installation providing a comprehensive gateway between the building control network (heating, security, lighting, & blinds) and the AV infrastructure (DVD server, music servers, Satellite, radio).

For an EIB/KNX network the FreeWay offers a tool box including:

  • Unlimited logic blocks
  • Mini Web Server
  • Calendar events
  • Astronomic Clock
  • Universal hardware interface to Ethernet, IR, RS232, RS485, 6 VFC i/ps, & 6 Logic o/ps

System Requirements for Crestron control

  • FreeWay, with firmware Version 2.32 or above
  • 2-series Crestron control system
  • EIB/KNX bus

What's included in the download

The directory contains a program which demonstrates aspects of each of the 17 EIB data types. It is currently set up to use the QM-RMC as a control system, but will easily port across to other 2-series control systems.

Also included is a VT-Pro project. This will build an X-Panel which displays many of the functions available to the Crestron FreeWay programmer.

Additional Group Addresses

The new firmware also includes additional group addresses. This has been increased from 64 to 100. This gives the benefits of larger EIB/KNX projects using just 1 FreeWay, and also gives a wider range of data types giving time & status functions.


DKT will be hosting training on: How to extend EIB/KNX objects using the FreeWay and ETS

If you are interested in attending this training then please contact or contact Claire on +44 (0)1209 216912.


Freeway Firmware V2.32
Crestron Modules & demo Simpl/VTPro programs