Click Here To Enlarge   The Freeway is a sophisticated and highly versatile AV device controller, used for AV Processors, Projectors and Projection Screens, Plasmas, DVD and CD Players, Power Sequencing and many other applications. Fully internet accessible, the Freeway is programmed using the powerful FreeScript macro language.
Housed in a 1U rack-mount casing, the Freeway is fitted with multiple I/O ports and is configured using FreeWay Interface Windows software. The integral and proprietary web server ensures a robust level of security of any location. Remotely update, query and program multiple devices. The integral ftp interface, also accessible over the internet, uses a simple text-based macro script file called FreeScript to provide a genuinely ‘open’ access interface for engineers to quickly realise complex synchronised solutions.

The FreeScript compiler enables the intuitive FreeScript language to be authored in a standard text editor and uploaded via FreeWay Interface software. A multitude of interfaces enable connection of any controllable device via RS232, RS485, Ethernet, Digital I/O, IR Commands and EIB/KNX. This provides the means to control a wide variety of devices, such as Lighting, Heating, Audio, Video, industrial and process control. Key features are:
  • 6 x RS232 Ports
  • 3 x RS232/RS485/RS422 Ports
  • 1 x RJ45 Ethernet Port
  • 6 x Digital Logic I/O Ports
  • 4 x IR Matrix
  • 1 x EIB
  • Integral Web Server & FTP Interface
  • Powerful Macro Language

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